Weather and Climate

On the Costa Blanca 320 days of sunshine and more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year are guaranteed. On the Costa Blanca, there is also less than 30 days of rain per year, which is these days not continuously raining, but sometimes even a brief shower. The coldest month has an average temperature of 15 degrees, while temperatures are rarely above 35 degrees measured in midsummer. In the coastal areas the summer lasts about three quarters of the year, during which time it rains practically not. In the fall, winter and spring green and blooming there on the Costa Blanca, thanks to the one or other downpour during this time. climb during the day in the sun the temperatures are still high up to 25 degrees. The cooler months are therefore only December to February although the winter months with daytime temperatures of up to 20 degrees are quite pleasant. Winter is therefore hardly noticeable. Snow is on the Costa Blanca totally unknown and the rain stops is very limited. If it rains, then one looks forward to the plants once does not need watering. In general, there are no big jumps in temperature. No matter what time of year the Costa Blanca always has a pleasant climate.

The World Health Organization “WHO” certified the Costa Blanca the best climate in the world. This also has a good reason, because the climate in this region relieves proven diseases such as gout, respiratory problems and rheumatism, as there is no rapid change of highs and lows. The Costa Blanca is a popular destination for people from all over Europe due to its mild Mediterranean climate. Every year more than 500,000 people to Torrevieja to benefit there from healthy air with the salt pans. Because the two large salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata provide together with the sea air in Torrevieja, for the climatically healthiest area of ​​Europe.

The coast of the Costa Blanca is also known as Orange Coast because it blooms all year round. From October to April is peak harvest time for oranges and mandarins, between January and early March is the famous time of the almond blossom. The almond trees bloom pale pink and white, which is a magnificent natural spectacle. In one of Europe’s most arid regions, the Costa Blanca is a lush, green land. Sunshine, the sea salt, the scent of lavender, thyme, rosemary, oranges and lemons, all this and more awaits you on the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Blanca.